Free Knitting Patterns and More!


Hundreds of free knitting patterns, tips and information about knitting! You'll find everything from knitted baby outfits, scarves, shawls, hats, sweaters and more, to a collection of over 100 knitted edgings and insertions from the 1800's, updated and charted for modern knitters.

My Knitting Patterns and Books for Sale :)

With The Any Yarn, Any Size Knit Hat Book, you can knit any of 45 different styles of hat in any of 17 sizes using any yarn of your choice, or whip up an old crochet favourite in knitting with the baby doll cradle purse pattern. You'll also find other hat patterns for sale.

Butterfly and Tied Waffle Weave Looming

Tied waffle weave was popular in the 1930's and 40's and came back into style in the early 2000's when it was featured on series three of Australian Big Brother. Take a look at how far it's come with various techniques that are popular today and my collection of vintage instructions that have fallen into the public domain.


Learn how to make your own play dough for a fraction of the cost of commercial brands, felt dreadlocks to wear in your hair and a whole lot more!


Here you'll find hundreds of public domain crochet patterns, some original patterns I have been given permission to feature and a conversion chart for anyone confused about hook sizes.

Edwardian Scrapbook

My father happened across this fascinating scrapbook from the Edwardian era. It contains many articles about ghosts, spiritualism and paranormal events.

Embroidery and Sewing

This section of includes hundreds of public domain vintage embroidery designs, original designs and sewing projects. You'll also find public domain booklets to download for free.

My Fabric Shop on Spoonflower

Purchase fabrics, wallpaper, wrapping paper, decals and more on Spoonflower!

Fluff Rugs

Pom-pon (pom-pom), tuft and fluff rugs were very popular during the 1940's. Today they're a great way to use up leftover yarn, recycled jumpers (sweaters) or bargain wools that turned out to be too itchy to wear. And that stash of Lily Sugar n Cream that you'll never get around to turning into face washers? It's perfect for making pom-pon rugs.

Hairpin Lace

Learn how to cast on and work the basic stitch in hairpin lace crochet.

Adobe Illustrator Freebies

Free patterns, symbols and brushes for use with Adobe Illustrator.

Photo Galleries

Photos of things I have made (including everything from crochet to sock monkeys, and knitting, of course. Fibre and needlework shows, textile and design inspiration, places I have been, my pets and art works.


Check out some of my friend's and family's favourite recipes, or visit my other website, The Vintage Kitchen, for classic (and occasionally weird) recipes from days gone by.

The Singercraft Guide and Fagoter

Learn how to use the Singercraft Guide to make may types of edgings and fabrics, or download instructions for using the Singercraft Fagoter. Includes instructions for using the Singercraft Fagoter without the rare and often lost special fagoter foot.

Small Looms, including Flower Looms and Daisy Winders

I have a passion for flower looms. Here you'll find over 100 tutorials and projects that you can make, plus some tips and instructions for other small looms such as the Weave-It, Wonder Weave and Magic Looms.

Spinning and Dyeing

Over 25 articles written by myself and my sister about dyeing, carding, preparing different fibres for spinning, washing fleeces and more!


My collection of public domain tatting booklets and patterns, free for you to download.

Teneriffe Lace

Teneriffe lace templates and vintage patterns.


As well as writing for this website and my published non-fiction books, I also dabble a little with creative writing. Here you'll find a couple of my short articles and poems.