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Rainbow Foam

Rainbow foam

Rainbow foam is a dramatic and fun way to serve jelly (jell-o) as a dessert on special occasions.

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, Christmas or relaxing on a balcony watching the mardi-gras parade go by, it’s a really fun dessert treat.


5 or more 3oz/85gm packets of flavoured gelatine (jell-o) in different colours and flavours


Mix each of your jellies/jellos but use 1/4 cup less liquid than the instructions call for.

Put them in the fridge until they are half set. You can mix all the jellies at once but leave the ones you don’t need straight away out of the fridge so they don’t completely set until you need them).

Take the first colour and whisk until frothy. Pour into a mould orĀ glassĀ and set completely in the fridge.

Add the other colours, one at a time in the same way.