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Making Stars on Any Round Flower Loom

You can make star shaped flowers on any round flower loom by using a simple winding technique for the longer petals.

All of the flowers I made for this tutorial were made on a Suzie’s loom, a cheap copy of the Knit-Wit loom available from Spotlight shops in Australia.

You can use this technique to make star shaped flowers on any type of round loom.

Firstly, you will need to print the instructions for making larger flowers on any round loom.
Use these instructions to wind the first petal.
Wind the second petal around a single set of spokes in the regular way.
Move over to the next spoke and wind another long petal.
Alternate winding one long petal with one regular length petal all the way around your loom.
Wind all the way around the loom in this manner as many times as you wish.
Stitch the centre of your choice.

I have made an oversewn centre.

My favourite edging for this style of flower is a simple chain edging.

To work it, make a slip knot and put it on your hook. Slip stitch into the first petal.

Work enough chain stitches to be roughly the length of one of your long petals.

Slip stitch into the next petal and so on, all the way around.

Copyright Sarah Bradberry, February 6th 2011. All rights reserved.