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Making 8 Spoke Square Motifs on a Round Flower Loom

With this clever technique you can make square motifs on a round loom. These motifs were made on a 2 inch diameter loom.

Squares are created by making four of the petals longer. This is done by working around two spokes of your daisy winder.

Anchor your yarn and take it across the loom, around spokes 1 and 2, then across the loom again and around spoke 3 in the photo.

Complete the figure eight by winding around spoke #4 and then repeat so you have two layers of yarn around the spokes, finishing at #7.
Take the yarn across to #8 in the photo, then up to 9 and around 10. Wind around spokes 9 and 10 for a total of three times, finishing at spoke #10.
Hold the yarn at the centre of the flower with your thumb and take the yarn to spoke #11 in the photo.
Take the yarn from 11, to 12, then back across the loom to 13
and 14. Make another figure eight around these four spokes.

Holding the yarn at the centre of the loom with your thumb once more, take the yarn across to spoke 15.

then back across to the final unworked spoke, #16. Make a total of three figure eights around spokes 15 and 16.
Cut your yarn and stitch the centre.
Remove your flower from the loom and darn the loose ends into the back of the centre.
Make as many as you need for your project.
I used a 3.5mm crochet hook and dk weight cotton to crochet my squares together.

Join your yarn to both strands of one of the corner petals with a double crochet (US single crochet), 3 chain, dc in same petal (picot made), 2ch, dc in one strand of the centre petal, 1 ch, dc in the middle strand of the centre petal, 1 ch, dc in the third strand of the centre petal, 2 ch, dc in both strands of the long corner petal, make a picot; continue in this manner all the way around the motif. Join to the beginning with a slip stitch.

To add the next motif, work the edging and when you get to the corner you want to join to your first motif, make a double crochet in the corner petal of your second motif, 1 ch, slip st to the picot in the corner of the first motif, 1ch, dc in the same corner petal on the second motif, 2 ch, dc in the first loop of the centre petal, 1 ch, dc in the second loop of the centre petal, slip stitch into the dc in the middle loop of the centre petal of the first motif, 1 ch, dc into the 3rd loop of the centre petal in the second motif.

Continue around in this manner, joining the corner picots and centre loops on each side as you go, wherever you want to join another motif.

Copyright Sarah Bradberry April 2007. All rights reserved.