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Daisy Loom Caterpillar

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Flower loom caterpillar

Loomed flowers are not just for use as flowers, you can also string them together to create animals and characters. This little caterpillar is a great first roject t inroduce you to the technique.

Threading the first lomed flower To make a daisy loom caterpillar you will need:

  • Scraps of yarn in lots of colours to make the daisies and pom pom
  • A pom pom maker or cardboard to make a pom pom template
  • A blunt wool needle
  • Scraps of felt in black, white and a colour for the eyelids
  • PVA or fabric glue
  • 2 and a half inch daisy winder. I used a Knit-Wit loom.

Cut a piece of wool just over a metre (about a yard and a half) long. Thread a daisy onto the wool.

The first flower threaded Make 45-55 daisies. My caterpilar is made of 52 daisies

Make sure you thread your wool all the way through and back again or your daisy will come apart.

Adjust your wool until your daisy is in the middle.

Threading more loomed flowers Keep threading on daisies until
All of the flowers threaded onto yarn you have thread all of them onto your yarn. Tie a knot but don’t cut the yarn yet. You’ll use it to tie the pom pom on in the next step.
Adding the pom pom for the head Make a 2 and a half to 3 inch pom pom and tie it on the end of your caterpillar for the head.
The felt eye pieces Cut your eye pieces out of the felt. I cut two large white circles for the main part of the eye, a slightly larger circle of green felt cut in half for the eyelids and two small black ovals for the pupils.
The finished face Glue the eye pieces together. When they are dry, stick them to the front of the pom pom.

I used acrylic craft felt and found it was easiest to use quite a bit of glue but not much pressure when sticking the pieces together. When I tried pressing them together firmly the felt sucked up all the glue and they wouldn’t stick.

Copyright Sarah Bradberry April 2007. All rights reserved.

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