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Weave Stitch for Joining Square Loomed Flowers

Weave stitch joins can be made with the same or a contrasting colour to create different effects.

It creates a very strong, elastic fabric which is great for afghans, scarves and stoles.

To work the weave stitch join you first join all of your rows together.

Start by taking all of the flowers for your first two rows and lay them out in order.

Lay out the first two motifs of each row so the petal loops overlap neatly.
Thread a needle with the yarn you want to use to join your flowers together.

Put the needle down through the first petal of each flower, then up through the second petals.

Now lay the next two flowers down over the first two. Make sure that all four corner petals overlap, as shown in the circle on the left.
Weave down through the next petal and up through all four corner petals at once.
Continue stitching all the way across your row, adding motifs as you go. Your rows can have as many motifs as you like.
Take another length of yarn and thread it into your needle. You’ll be stitching along the same row again but this time put the needle up through the first petals
down through the second petals, up through the third
and so on, all the way across.
Knot the ends of the threads together. Trim the threads, leaving a tail of yarn at least two inches long.
Join all your rows.
Then turn your work and stitch your motifs together in the other direction.
Finish your work by adding a crochet edging of your choice, crocheting over the loose yarn tails as you go.

Copyright Sarah Bradberry, February 5th 2011. All rights reserved.