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Loomed Flower Tack Join

The tack join is a simple way of stitching motifs together if the crochet edging has already been worked without joining them. It can be used with any style of edging.

Start by making as many motifs as you need for your finished project. Crochet a border around each flower.

For my sample I have used feather stitched flowers with the border from the Cottrell flower loom instructions.

Take two of your flower motifs and hold them with the sides that you want to show facing each other.
Thread a sharp needle with the same yarn as you used to work the edgings on your motifs.
My motifs are joined at the picots so that’s where I’m going to sew them together.

Put the needle under a thread at the edge of both motifs.

and pull through, leaving a tiny tail (about 1/8″ or 3mm).

Make another two or three stitches in the same spot, pulling quite tightly each time.

Thread the needle under the stitches sideways and pull through. This will help stop the stitching from coming undone.
My two motifs joined together.
This technique allows you to join your motifs together in any order. There’s no need to make rows and then join them together with this technique.

Copyright Sarah Bradberry, January 8th 2011. All rights reserved.