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The Lattice Join for Loomed Flowers

Nine loomed flowers joined using the lattice join

The lattice join creates a pretty diamond mesh fabric without any crochet. The petals are tied together in groups of three.

Thread flowers The sample flowers I have used for this tutorial were made on a 2 1/2″ loom with an open centre and two loops for each petal. I used size 8 perle cotton.

You can stitch any centre you like but the open centre creates a lovely filigree look.

I’m joining just four flowers in this tutorial but you can join as many as you like.

How to thread the first three petals Begin by joining your flowers wherever four flowers meet.

Take a length of thread that matches your flower petals and thread it into a large blunt needle.

How to thread the first three petals Thread it through three petals from the first flower
The second set of three petals then three petals of the second flower
and so on
until you have twelve petals on your thread.
Tying the four flowers together Tie a knot and pull it tight. Tie a second knot to secure it firmly.
Where to darn the ends If your finished item will be treated gently you can trim the ends of the thread close to the knot.

If you’re making something that requires strength, such as a t-shirt or a curtain, you will need to darn the ends in so they can’t come undone.

Turn your flowers over so the back is facing you. Take the thread up to the centre of a flower so that it looks like one of the petal threads and darn it in.

Four flowers joined in teh centre Keep joining all your flowers wherever four of them meet.
Finishing the edges The next step is to join the flowers wherever two of them meet.

Again, thread three petals

Tying two petals together from each flower
One edge finished and tie off tightly.
Four finished sides Repeat all the way around.
Finishing the corners Finally you will tie the three petals at each corner together
One finished corner and tie off tightly.
The finished piece of flower loomed lattice Repeat with all of the corners.
The difference between yarn and thread flowers Using a different yarn changes the look completely. Here I show dk weight woollen flowers next to perle 8 thread flowers made on the same loom.
Nine yarn flowers joined together This sample shows nine flowers stitched together. The more flowers you join, the more pronounced the lattice effect becomes.

Copyright Sarah Bradberry, February 21st 2011. All rights reserved.