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Using the Pom Pom Bridge on a Flower Loom

This flower was made with dk weight wool, with the centre made using the pompom bridge.

The older style Knit-Wit loom kits often included a pompom bridge designed for making optional full and fluffy centres for your flowers.

On the left you can see the two styles of bridge that were made. The apricot one being the earliest style.

I have rewritten the instructions that come with the looms as they are very difficult to understand. In the two vintage kits that I own, one set of instructions for using the pompom bridge are completely incomprehensible, and the other set are incorrect!

The looms that are used with the pompom bridge have four holes in the top.
You only need two of the holes to use the pompom bridge, while all four are used to make different shapes using the multi-needle attachment.

The photo on the left shows how the bridge sits on the loom, however you will wind the bridge with yarn before placing it on the loom (instructions follow).

Make a flower on the loom. I like to use the open centre, keeping the opening as small as possible. You can use any centre style that sits relatively flatly.

Leave the finished flower on the loom.

(I forgot to take a photo of my pink flower on the loom so just pretend the loom on the left has four holes in it :P)

Take the pompom bridge off the loom and lay your yarn across the loom, creating a loop as shown in the diagram and described below.

A is the cut end of your yarn. Take your yarn across the front of the bridge, leave a big loop on the left hand side (at least 4 inches long), and then begin winding the yarn around the centre of the pompom bridge.

Don’t wind too tightly. The neater you wind, the tidier your finished pompom will be.

Cut the loop of yarn as shown in the diagram. This will leave you with a loose piece of yarn that is threaded through the centre of your pompom.
Tie the ends of this piece of yarn together very tightly. Tie a second knot to keep it tight.

Don’t cut the loops of your pompom yet! (This is where some of the original instructions are incorrect).

You will now use ends “A” and “B” to sew the pompom to your flower.

Put the pompom bridge onto your loom
Thread one end of the yarn from the pompom bridge into a wool needle and pass it underneath the flower, between two sets of petals. Thread it all the way underneath the flower and come out the opposite side.
Thread the same piece of yarn through the middle of the pompom
and then underneath once more.

Repeat the procedure for the other end of the yarn attached to the pom pom bridge, remembering to thread the yarn under the flower in the exact same place as the first end.

Pull them as tightly as possible without damaging your loom.

Now cut the yarn on your pompom.
Fluff the pompom out and trim to your desired size.
Take the flower off the loom, tie the ends of the yarn you used to stitch the pompom on as tightly as possible and stitch any loose ends to the centre back.

You can use a contrasting colour for a totally different look.

Copyright Sarah Bradberry, April 1st 2010. All rights reserved.