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Grid Motifs on the Square Flower Loom

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A gridded motif made on the Hana Ami loom by Clover

You can make these motifs on any square loom. Looms with fewer pegs will have less squares in the finished grid.

Wind your main thread around the loom following the diagrams.
Continue winding around the loom in this manner until you come back to the beginning. If you want a thick grid like the one in the sample photo at the top of this page then wind more rounds.

When you have finished, tie the ends of your thread in a knot. The loose ends will be covered by crochet later.

Take the thread that you want to use to knot the grid together. Make a cross stitch around the threads by following the diagrams on the left.
When you finish the cross stitch, bring the needle out in the middle of the loop formed on the right hand side of the cross stitch. This will form a knot that you can pull tight.
Pull it tight and keep working around the grid. Work across the top row from left to right, across the centre row from right to left and then across the bottom row from left to right again.
Crochet around the edge, catching the loose loops as you go.

Copyright Sarah Bradberry March 2007. All rights reserved.

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