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Chain Stitch Rounds on Loomed Flowers

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Loomed flowers with chain stitch decoration

Working decorative rounds of chain stitch on boldly coloured flowers creates a strong graphic look reminiscent of the 1960’s and 70’s

Make pastel coloured flowers with fingering weight yarn for a totally different look.

A finished flower still on the daisy winder Start by making a flower of your choice.
Beginning the round of chain stitch Take the piece of yarn that you want to use for your chain stitch and thread it into a blunt needle.

Pass the needle under the centre of your flower. This will give you a loose end to hold onto while you stitch so that your first stitch remains neat.

Starting the first stitch Put the needle under the first set of petal threads.
Forming the chain stitch Yarn around the needle
The first stitch and pull it through. This forms your first chain stitch.
Beginning the second stitch Put the needle into the loop of your first chain stitch and under the next set of petal threads
Creating the second stitch yarn around the needle
The second chain stitch finished and pull through. This forms the next chain stitch.
Before working the last stitch Continue working like this all the way around until you have only one set of petals left unstitched.
Closing the round of chain stitch Put the needle under both threads of the very first chain stitch that you worked.
Finishing the last chain stitch on your flower Pull the yarn through and put the needle into the loop of the last chain stitch and under the last set of petal threads.
The complete round Pull the yarn through to form the very last chain stitch and close the round.
Finishing the chain stitch round on the back When you take the flower off your loom you will see that the last set of petal threads are not enclosed by the yarn you used to make your chain stitch.

To fix this, tie both ends of the chain stitch yarn together

Ends darned in and darn in all the ends.
The finished yarn flower with a round of chain stitch worked. If you work the chain stitch close to the centre of your flower it will hold in place by itself.

If you work it closer to the tips of the petals you will need to crochet a border around the edge to stop it slipping off the ends.

Copyright Sarah Bradberry, January 8th 2011. All rights reserved.


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