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Design Your Own Geometric Rugs with the Singercraft Guide

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Sample Singercraft rug design

A sample placemat sized rug designed using the downloadable grid

23cm/9″ x 37.5cm/14 4/5″

Sample Singercraft rug design THumbnail of SIngercraft transfer b, floral design Sample Singercraft rug design Sample Singercraft rug design

Whilst not all of the transfers that were available for use with the Singercraft guide were based on a grid, many that were designed to be stitched in rows were. People new to Singercraft guide stitching were often advised to mark their background cloth with rows to make learning to stitch easier, and these designs are based on that idea.

After measuring sections on my original transfers, it seems that the smallest unit of measurement used to create the gridded designs is 2/5 of an inch, or very close to 1cm.

I’ve supplied two 2/5″ grids for you to download. One is designed to fit on a single sheet of A4 paper or it’s US equivalent, and the other is a full sized rug 22″/56cm x 32″/81cm. You can either print and colour them or use them to create designs. You will need to take the file to a specialist printer if you wish to have the larger chart printed, or you can print multiples of the smaller chart and stick them together.

Download the blank charts in pdf format (to print)

Shown above: Some of the Singercraft transfer designs printed in the 1930’s by the Singer company. You will find downloads for these designs on my main Singercraft page.

Copyright Sarah Bradberry, July 8th 2010. All rights reserved..

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