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Knickers for 30cm Fashion Doll


I was feeling totally uncreative last night so I whipped up a little Barbie dress from a pattern book (gasp!) and realised (after an extensive search of the bookshelves) that there weren’t any patterns around for poor old Barbie’s knickers. Well it’s getting a bit breezy here in Victoria and Barbie must not be made to suffer so I made up a pair this morning and thought I’d share the pattern. I dedicate it to all Barbies everywhere who find themselves naked in garage sales…


Scrap of any baby yarn, 3 ply is best.
Pair of 2.75mm needles or a set of dpn’s if you choose to knit them in the round
Scrap of shirring elastic


Should fit any 30cm tall fashion doll including Sindy and Barbie


Sl 1: slip one stitch knitways


1st row: K1 (P2, K2) rep to last st, K1

2nd row: P1 (K2,P2) to last st, P1


Cast on 48sts using 2.75 mm needles. Work in pattern for 12 rows.

Shape Gusset
Cast off 12sts, mark this spot with a coloured thread, Cast off 22sts,
K4, turn

Sl 1, K3, turn

K3, turn

Sl 1, K2, turn

K2, turn

Sl 1, K1, turn

Cast off remaining sts

Making Up

Join side seam with a neat st. Join the point of the gusset to the other side of the knickers at the spot marked with a coloured thread. Thread shirring elastic through the top of the knickers on the inside, making sure the elastic will fit over Barbie’s hips when stretched fully, tie securely and hide the knot inside.

This pattern is Copyright © Sarah Bradberry May 1997. All rights reserved.