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Knitted Appliqué Stars

This image shows an appliqué star on one of the squares for the Odd-Ball Sampler Afghan


st-st = stocking st
M1 = Make 1. Pick up the bar lying between the sts and knit into the back of it.

K2tog = knit 2 together

SSK = slip slip knit. Slip the next st from the left needle knitways, slip the next st knitways. Return both sts to the left hand needle in their new twisted states and knit them together. This forms a left slanting decrease.


Cast on 5 sts and arrange on 3 double pointed needles. Mark the beginning of the round and work as follows:

1st round: Knit

2nd round: Inc into each st

3rd round: (K2, M1) 5 times

4th round: (K3, M1) 5 times

5th round: (K4, M1) 5 times

Continue increasing in this manner until you reach (K9, M1) 5 times

Make points thus: K10, turn, P10

K2tog, K6, SSK

P8, turn

K2tog, K4, SSK

P6, turn

K2tog, K2, SSK

P4, turn

k2tog, SSK

P2, turn

K2tog, fasten off.

Rejoin yarn and work the remaining 4 points in the same manner.



You can make your stars almost any size by increasing to a larger number of sts when working the centre of the star, just make sure it is an even number. You could even join two very large stars and stuff them to form a pillow!

Copyright © March 1998 Sarah Bradberry