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I-Cord Ideas

I-cord Boy

Ideas for Hat Tops

You can start at 6 stitches and knit a few rows then decrease one, knit a few and repeat until you have just one to “bind off”.

Make a regular I-cord and run the yarn tail back down the center of it and pull it up so that the I-cord puckers and knot it on the inside of the hat.

Make a little group of 2-3 stitch I-cords in different colors. Or knit a long one and tie a knot an inch or so above the top of the hat.

You can make I-cord dolls and animals using the attached I-cord as one leg. I think I saw I-cord bumble bees somewhere that were cute. I-cord is fun!

I’ve made Sarah’s little bear (and turned it into other animals and people) and stitched them to hats, hair clips and sweater pockets, etc.

Icord People and Animals

(You’ll need Sarah’s I-cord Bear pattern)

I-cord BoyHow to attach your person to your hat

The boy is made with a 5 stitch I-cord of 4 ply cheap acrylic. The body is an inch flesh color, and inch red, an inch and a half blue, an inch red and an inch flesh color.

The legs are 4 inches of blue. The arms, 2 1/4 inch red. I put them together as in the pattern and stitched the hair on with black yarn.

The hands and feet are French knots made with a doubled yarn, (but could be beads), his nose a French knot with a single yarn and just 2 wraps. Eyes and mouth are yarn but could be beads or embroidery thread.

The sheep is a 4 stitch I-cord stitched so one end overlaps to form the head. The legs and ears are a crocheted chain and the tail is a wrapped stitch.

You can use your imagination to form all kinds of animals. The boy can be a girl by the addition of some girl hair or make the legs flesh colored and add a skirt. Sew a pin back or a hair clip onto the back or stitch to a hat or sweater. Or crochet a bag in the shape of a house or a truck and put some people and animals in it for a car/carry-along toy.

Copyright © 2000 Hazel Spencer. Used with permission