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Diamond Garter Stitch Edging

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Diamond Border

Diamond Border Chart


inc = increase by knitting into the back and front of the next stitch

K = Knit


Using contrast colour cast on 2 sts and work as follows:

1st and every right side row: Knit

2nd row: inc in each st

4th row: K, inc in next two sts, K

6th row: K1, inc, K2, inc, K1

8th row: K1, inc, K4, inc, K1

10th row: K1, inc, K6, inc, K1

12th row: K1, inc, K8, inc, K1

13th row: Knit, put aside but do not break yarn.

Work enough triangles for your desired width.

Join main colour yarn and knit following the intarsia chart above. Chart shows 2 repeats.

Continue in your chosen st for your garment.


This edging makes a great edging for garter st scarves, for a special finish put a tassel at the point of each diamond, and in the V between diamonds.

Copyright © January, 1998 Sarah Bradberry

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