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Chunky Beaded Cable

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Chart worked in 12 ply yarn with pony beads

I originally designed this cable for use with a 12 ply yarn and pebble beads, but it would look great with any yarn as long as you choose a suitable weight bead to match.

Please note: The beads will be sideways compared to those shown in the photo as the sample was knit on a knitting machine.

See chart legend for abbreviations

R1 (RS): k3, c2 over 2 left, k3

R2 (WS): p10

R3: k2, c2 over 1 right, c2 over 1 left, k2

R4: p10

R5: k1, c2 over 1 right, k2, c2 over 1 left, k1

R6: p10

R7: c2 over 1 right, Bead, k2, Bead, c2 over 1 left

R8: p10

R9: k10

R10: p3, bring yarn to front, Bead, take yarn to back, p2, bring yarn to front, Bead, take yarn to back, p3

R11: c2 over 1 left, k4, c2 over 1 right

R12: p10

R13: k1, c2 over 1 left, k2, c2 over 1 right, k1

R14: p10

R15: k2, c2 over 1 left, c2 over 1 right, k2

R16: p10

B & W chart

Copyright © 1996 Sarah Bradberry

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