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Cloverleaf Eyelet Rib Socks for Little Girls

Cloverleaf Eyelet Socks
Note: The sample sock was knit to a larger size than stated in the pattern by using thicker yarn and larger needles (see below, under “Size of Sample”)

Cuff Detail

Cuff detail


(using yarn stated in pattern)

Toddler size (age 2-3) sock.

Size of sample

(using dk yarn and 4mm needles, otherwise following pattern exactly):

To fit Australian children’s size 12: 16-17cm ankle circumference and 18.5cm long foot (foot length is totally adjustable).

Tip for Larger Sizes

It’s easy to size up, the repeat is a multiple of 6. Or if that doesn’t work for you, use 42 sts and add an extra purl to the pattern (i.e., p2, k5).


fingering weight yarn (socka, fortissima, etc.) Size 2 US needles, set of 4 dp’s


7sts = 1 inch (14 sts = 5cm)


Cast on 36 sts
Rows 1, 3, 5, and 6: P1, k5.
Row 2: p1, k1, yo, sl1 — k2tog — psso, yo, k1
Row 4: P1, k2, yo, ssk, k1
Repeat until cuff is desired length, 2 – 3 inches.
Knit 2 rounds plain.

Work heel over 18 sts.
I’m going to give flap heel directions, but feel free to use any heel you like.
*Slip 1, knit 1* 9 times (18 sts total), turn and slip 1, purl back.
Repeat these two rows until 17 rows are worked, ending with a right side row.
Purl 9, p2 tog, p1, turn.
*Slip 1, k1, k2 tog, k1, turn.
Slip 1, p2, p2 tog, p1, turn.*
Continue in this manner (between *’s, adding one more stitch each time) until all stitches are being worked. 10 sts remain.

With the needle in heel, pick up 10 stitches along the right side of the heel. Knit the 18 instep stitches onto 1 needle. With the empty needle, pick up 10 stitches along the left side of the heel and knit 5 stitches off the heel needle.

You now have 15, 18, 15 stitches.

Begin the gusset decreases
On the first needle, knit to the last three sts, k 2 tog, k1.
On the second needle, work even.
On the third needle, k1, ssk, work to end.
Work the decreases every round until 9 stitches remain on needles 1 and 3. (Back to 36 sts total.)

Work even until the foot is about 1″ less than the total desired length.

Work the toes
I like wedge toes, but again, if you want something else, knit something else.
First needle: knit to last three sts, k 2 tog, k1.
Second needle: k1, ssk, knit to last three sts, k 2 tog, k1.
Third needle: k1, ssk, work to end.
Repeat until 8 sts remain (2,4,2). Cut yarn, draw through all stitches twice or kitchener toes.

Pattern Copyright Diana Cintron [email protected]. All Rights Reserved. Images Copyright Sarah Bradberry 1999. All rights reserved.