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For Children’s Gaiters

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Children's gaiters from Cornelia Mee's Exercises in Knitting

Note: Gaiters should not be sewn together under the foot as shown in the photo. They are a style of legwarmers to be worn over shoes or boots.



Two strands of a cotton blend baby yarn and size 4 US needles. Probably need no more than two skeins. These would fit a toddler.

Cast on 22 stitches.

Foot: 18 Rows: Knit straight, increase 1 stitch at end of each row (30 stitches).

Take the first 14 stitches from the straight side of the piece (not the increase side)and hold them on a separate needle.
Knit remaining stitches (16) for 24 rows, straight.

At end of 24th row, cast on 14 stitches.

18 Rows: Knit straight, decreasing 1 stitch at end of each row.

Diagram for children's gaiters from Cornelia Mee's Exercises in Knitting

Leg: Pick up 14 stitches on inside, 12 in the center and 14 on the other side.

20 Rows: Knit straight

24 Rows: Knit straight, increasing 1 stitch at beginning and end of every three rows (56 stitches).

20 Rows: Knit straight, decrease one stitch in middle of row, every other row.

10 Rows: Work in a 2×2 ribbing (Knit 2, Purl 2}

6 Rows: Knit Straight

Bind off and sew up seams.

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