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Shoulder Shawl

Shoulder shawl from 1891, frontShoulder shawl from 1891, back

The finished shawl is full sized for an 8 year old and a shoulder-shawl for the fully grown!



54 inches (135cm) wide including border
30 inches (75cm) deep including border but excluding fringe


5.5mm knitting needles
400gms worsted weight wool at approximately 100mtrs per 50gms
5mm crochet hook


16sts to 10cm over garter stitch on 5.5mm needles


The centre of the shawl is knit on the diagonal as shown in the picture below.

Shoulder shawl from 1891 in progress

Cast on 118 sts and knit across
1st Row: Knit
2nd Row: K to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1
Repeat these two rows until you have 2 sts left, k2tog and fasten off

The Border

Shoulder shawl, increases on the bottom of the shawl

The increases on the bottom point of the shawl

Note: This pattern uses US crochet terms. Double crochet = UK treble, single crochet = UK double crochet etc.

Along the bottom edges work as follows:

1st Row: Put one dc in every other stitch with one chain between. At the bottom point work 3dc with one chain between each

2nd Row: Three dc in 1st loop with 1 ch between each, 1dc, 1ch until you reach the point. In the point: 2dc, with 1 ch between, 1ch, 1dc in dc of previous row, 1ch, 2dc with 1 chain between in next loop, finish like the beginning of the row.

3rd Row: Ch 3, 1dc in loop, 1ch, 1dc, continue in this manner to the point, * put 2dc with 1 ch between in the loop, 1ch, repeat from * 3 times and finish the row like the beginning.

4th Row: Like 3rd row to the point, 2dc with 1 ch between in the 2nd loop (where 2dc were in one loop on the previous row), 1ch, 2dc in between loops, 1ch, 2dc and 1ch between in 3rd loop, 1ch, 1dc in next loop, finish like the beginning of the row.

5th Row: Like the 4th row to the point, then put 2dc with one ch between in the middle loop, finish the row like the beginning.

6th Row: Like the 5th row.

Tie a fringe in each loop with 3 pieces of yarn a finger long.

To finish the neck make a row of holes of 2ch and 1dc, then put a scallop of 4dc in one loop and 1sc in the next.

Shoulder shawl shell edge