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The Dishcloth Shawl

Front of the dishcloth shawlBack of the dishcloth shawl


Any size you like!


Any yarn and needles to suit. The amount of yarn needed will depend on your finished size and the yarn used.

I used approximately 500gms of handspun, hand dyed, 4 ply bulky merino and 6.5mm needles to make a shawl to fit my 8 year old daughter.


Cast on one stitch.

1st row: K1, YO, K1 into the same stitch (3 stitches)

Every row from now on: K1, YO, K to end of row.

Repeat the last row until your shawl is big enough.


Block, darn in all loose ends and add a fringe if you want to! I ran out of yarn, so I didn’t 🙂

Copyright 2001 Sarah Bradberry