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Lacy Tuck St Stole to knit on the Passap E6000


This image shows the stitch detail if you use the E6000 program mentioned in the pattern. You can, however, use any stitch you like. Just work a swatch and knit a rectangle in your preferred size.


Size in brackets is intended for women over 5’9″ tall and over. Smaller size is intended for shorter women.

56cm x 154 (184)cm, including fringe.


325gm of Toorallie Merino 2/22 in Sapphire.


Set up your machine as follows:

Cast on 3

Stitch Pattern A
Stitch pattern 1070; Knitting technique 138
-59 sts left, +59 sts right (a total of 118 sts)
MT (main tension, otherwise known as stitch size) = 3

Cast on 118 sts at MT (I found the yarn breaks at a smaller st size for some reason. If you find it doesn’t break, cast on at MT – 2) Change to Stitch Pattern A after cast on is completed.

Work a further 1120 (1390) rows. Cast off.

Add a 15cm fringe to cast on and cast off ends and trim neatly.

This pattern and all images on this page are Copyright © Sarah Bradberry May 1998.  All rights reserved.