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The One Hour Scarf

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Chunky sideways knit scarf

This scarf literally only takes one hour to knit!


6ft long by 6 inches wide


90mtrs each of 4 dk weight or 3 worsted weight yarns (approximately)

1 pair of 19mm (3/4 inch) rocket needles


1 stitch per inch on 19mm needles


Stranding 3 or 4 yarns together, cast on 72 sts and knit 10 rows. Cast off.


Make a tassel in each corner. Trim the ends neatly.

Copyright Sarah Bradberry October 2002. All rights reserved.

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    • Lisa Ogilvie

      It did not turn out with the materials listed here, to achieve the 1 stitch per inch gauge, it took 6 strands of worsted weight yarn and 10 strands of dk weight yarn, it also works with 3 strand of chunky, 2 strands of super bulky or 1 strand of jumbo yarn.

      • Sarah Bradberry

        What size needles did you use? I knit the sample with the yarns and needles stated and that’s the gauge I got. There’s no way you’d need 10 strands of dk weight on 19mm rocket needles.

        • Lisa Ogilvie

          I used 19 mm needles. I was having trouble with obtaining gauge and I emailed two major yarn manufacturers and they suggested using more strands to obtain the gauge and that’s what I did and that’s how I obtained the gauge that is published here.

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