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Tom Baker’s Doctor Who Scarves

Tom Baker Doctor Who knitted scarfTom Baker Doctor Who knitted scarf
Both pictures show Dr Who’s Tom Baker wearing a large size scarf. The picture on the left shows the first colourway and the picture on the right shows the second colourway. Both colourways represented in these instructions are authentic to the show.

Doctor Who striped scarf

This photo shows the child’s size scarf, which is the best size for everyday wear. (Photo added April 2006). Jauntily dressed mannequin supplied courtesy of my Dad 🙂


Approx 270 (670)cm long


4mm needles
3.5mm crochet hook.

8 ply (DK to the non-Aussies) wool in the following colours and amounts.
Colours in brackets are for the darker colourway. Yarns are 95m/100 yards per 50gm

Small scarf:
steel blue (mid-brown): 100gm
off white (maroon): 100gm
plum (rust): 50gm
fawn (fawn): 200gm
yellow (gold): 50gm
red (dark brown): 100gm

Large scarf:
white (maroon): 450gm
steel blue (mid-brown): 250gm
red (dark brown): 250gm
plum (rust): 250gm
yellow (gold): 250gm
fawn (fawn): 750gm


Approx 22sts and 44 rows to 10cm over garter st, though the scarf will stretch greatly when worn due to it’s weight.


Using steel blue cast on 55 (80)sts.

Work in garter stitch stripes in the following colour sequence. Instructions in brackets are for the larger size. For the brown-maroon scarf substitute maroon for white, dark brown for red, rust for plum, gold for yellow and mid-brown for steel blue.

blue: 36 (108) rows
white: 12 (36) rows
plum: 10 (30) rows
fawn: 20 (60) rows
yellow: 10 (30) rows
blue: 12 (36) rows
red: 16 (48) rows
fawn: 58 (174) rows
yellow: 16 (48) rows
white: 8 (24) rows
plum: 12 (36) rows
red: 10 (30) rows
blue: 20 (60) rows
fawn: 12 (36) rows
white: 14 (42) rows
plum: 10 (30) rows
fawn: 54 (162) rows
yellow: 8 (24) rows
red: 10 (30) rows
blue: 8 (24) rows
white: 16 (48) rows
fawn: 58 (174) rows
plum: 10 (30) rows
white: 54 (162) rows
red: 10 (30) rows
blue: 18 (54) rows
yellow: 10 (30) rows
fawn: 40 (120) rows
plum: 12 (36) rows
fawn: 8 (24) rows
red: 16 (48) rows
white: 34 (102) rows
yellow: 10 (30) rows
fawn: 20 (60) rows
plum: 8 (24) rows
red: 12 (36) rows
yellow: 10 (30) rows
fawn: 16 (48) rows

Cast off neatly.

Making Up

Neatly sew in all loose ends.
Cut 60cm lengths of yarn in the following colours: fawn, red, yellow, plum, blue.
Make fringe on cast on and cast off ends with one strand of each colour in each tassel.
Trim neatly, measuring as you go to keep the fringe even.

Text Copyright © Sarah Bradberry 1993. All rights reserved. Photo #3 copyright Sarah Bradberry April 2006. All rights reserved.