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Quick Knit Boa


Sample was knit with double strands of Cleckheaton Faux Fur (total 100gms)

Using size 13 US needles (a long circular is more manageable) and a chunky dense “fur” type eyelash yarn such as Jaeger Wolga, cast on enough stitches to make a five foot length (that was around 140 – but there’s a lot of room for approximation in this!).

Purl back after the cast on row and then continue in stockinette until the boa is a suitable width, for me, I just used what I had left over of the yarn in purple, 1.5 skeins, which made a thin boa.

Working in stockinette causes some curl, and then make the whole thing “boa-like” by making multiple decreases (k2tog alternating with k3tog) instead of just knitting single stitches as you are casting off. The large multiple decreases make the whole thing frill.

This pattern is Copyright © Leigh Witchel 2001. All rights reserved. Used with permission.  Image copyright Sarah Bradberry 2001