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Custom Fit Fingerless Mitts

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Child size knitted fingerless mittsChunky yarn hand knit fingerless mitts

Left: Handspun dk weight wool;
Right: hand dyed vintage chunky weight oddments.

With only 3 measurements and a gauge swatch, you can knit any size mitts with any yarn you desire! Just fill in a few measurements and click the “Make my pattern” button.

Who are the mitts going to fit?

Who is this pattern for?


Note for those who usually use fractions: Please use decimal numbers as follows.

¼ = .25, ½ = .5 and ¾ = .75

So 3 ¼ would be written 3.25, 2 ½ would be written 2.5, 1 ¾ would be written 1.75 etc

Measurement chart

Would you like your pattern written in inches or cm?

Measure the person who will be wearing the mitts. You will need 3 measurements:

Measurement chart


Yarn and Needles

Original pattern copyright Sarah Bradberry, 2005. JavaScript version copyright Sarah Bradberry, February 4th 2014. All rights reserved.

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