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Cat Costume

Free knitting pattern for cat’s ear’s and tail, can be worn by any age child or adult.

Cat's EarsCat Tail

This tail was knit on the Barbie knitting machine but the instructions here are for hand knitting. If you would like the instructions for making this tail on the Barbie knitting machine click here.


These are generic instructions that can be used to make ears and tail for any size person, however, I don’t recommend making this costume for children under 3 years of age.


Amounts will vary depending on the size you make. Below are the amounts I used to make the ears and tail for my 6 year old daughter in the picture.

Approximately 45m (50 yards) of black yarn, DK or worsted weight.
1 pair 6mm knitting needles
Handful of polyester toy filling

Scraps (approximately 15gms each) of white, orange, and black yarn, DK or worsted weight.
1 set 5mm dpns
1 pr 6mm knitting needles


Yarn is used double throughout

Band (make 1):
Using 6mm needles and black, cast on 10sts and knit every row until work measures 30cm/12 inches. Cast off.

Ears (Make 4):
Cast on 14 sts and knit 6 rows garter st.
Decrease 1 st at each end of every alternate rows until 2sts remain, K2tog, fasten off.

Making Up

Sew ear pieces together, leaving bottom opening for stuffing. Stuff lightly, then sew bottom opening closed.
Sew a line down the middle of each as shown in the diagram below. This will give the ears added definition.
Sew line here

Fold the band in half and mark the middle with a piece of coloured thread.
Sew your ears approximately 2cm (4/5 inch) either side of the centre line.

Sew ribbon or a twisted cord to the ends of the band so that it can be tied on.


This tail is simply two knitted pieces sewn together in a “T” shape. One is tied around the waist and the other hangs down as the tail.

First you will need to determine the measurements of your pieces. Measure the recipient around the waist and add 30cm/ 12 inches. This is the measurement of the piece that ties around the waist.

Next, measure from the waist to the floor and subtract 30cm/ 12 inches. This is the measurement for the tail piece.

Waist Piece
Using 6mm needles and yarn double cast on 12 sts and knit every row until work measures the same as your waist measurement. Cast off.

Tail Piece
Using yarn singly 5mm dpns cast on 16sts and knit in the round, working random stripes, until it measures the same as your tail measurement. Break yarn, thread through sts, pull tight, and fasten off.

Making Up

Fold your waist piece in half and sew the cast on end of the tail piece to this point. Sew in all loose ends neatly.

Ears pattern Copyright © Sarah Bradberry June 1999. Tail pattern by Sarah Bradberry (derived from the Barbie knitting machine pattern, Copyright Brittany Overton, 1998)