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Lattice Pattern Edge

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Knitted lace edging with crossed stitches

This edging has a matching stitch pattern.


In Words

Cast on 23sts and knit 1 row

1st row: Sl 1, k2, (yo, k2tog) twice, k16

2nd row: [K1, (yo) 3 times] repeat until 7sts remain, k7

3rd row: Sl 1, k2, (yo, k2tog) twice; now, slip the remaining sts to the right hand needle, dropping the yarn overs as you do so and pull the slack up into the knit stitches.

You should now have 16 elongated sts in this section. Slip these 16 sts back onto the left hand needle and continue as follows:

Slip the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th sts over the first four sts (but not off the needle), keeping them in order, and knit the 8sts in this new order. Repeat for the remaining 8sts.

4th row: Knit

Rows 1-4 form pattern. Repeat for desired length.

This is very pretty for flannel skirts made of Saxony.

Copyright © Sarah Bradberry 2002

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