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Rowan Pony Tail Hat

rowan pony tail hat


3 balls Patons Double Quick Knitting (DK weight wool)

1 pair old UK No 3 / US 10½ / Metric 6.5mm needles


No gauge was given with the original pattern


To fit an average size – 20″-22″


Using Wool Double, cast on 65 stitches.

Knit 8 rows.

Proceed in fancy slip stitch patt. as follows:

1st row: * P1, keeping wool at front of needle slip purlwise, rep. from * to last st., P1.

2nd row: * P1, K1, rep. from * to last st., P1.

3rd row: * K1, P1, rep. from * to last st., K1.

4th row: Purl.

Rep. these 4 rows three times, then 1st-3rd rows incl. once.

Next row: P3, (P2tog, P6) seven times, P2tog, P4. (57 sts)

Rep. rows 1-3 incl. once.

Next row: P3, (P2tog, P2) thirteen times, P2. (44 sts)

Knit 16 rows.

Cast off.


Using a damp cloth and warm iron, press lightly on wrong side. Using a flat seam (taking care to reverse seam for fold-up), sew up back seam

Fold over Garter Stitch at top of hat and stitch down cast-off edge on right side.

Finally, press seam.

The original publication of this pattern is in the public domain, however, this updated text is Copyright Sarah Bradberry, May 26th 2013. All rights reserved.