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Mark’s Butch, Macho Roll-Brim Seaman’s Watch Cap

Classic knitted watch cap

Designed by Mark Thrailkill, London — [email protected]

Background: After designing the London Beanie, I have made some refinements to it and have made it more of a traditional British seaman’s cap. This cap has been very prized and loved by those who have received one. It is still a snug cap, although it is roomier than the London Beanie.

Tribute: This pattern is a gift to all of those people who helped me with the original London beanie, and especially to the literally hundreds of you who have written me to thank me and inspire me to write more. I am so pleased and proud to write that one organisation even knitted 200 of the London Beanies and sent them to the refugees in Afghanistan. Wow. Talk about making an impact on one’s world with only a keyboard, a couple sticks, and a bit of string! Thank you all. Keep warm.


• 1 skein Lamb’s Pride Bulky (4 oz/113 g) (125 yards/114 metres)
OR 2 skeins Rowan Big Wool (100 g/87 yards). Navy Blue or Black.

Note: When I used the Lamb’s Pride, I just barely had enough to finish the hat; you may wish to buy two skeins. The bulky wool is the secret of this hat’s “butchness.”

• 16” circular needle, 5mm (USA size 8)
• 4 5mm (USA size 8) double-pointed needles (dpn’s) for finishing
• Marker
• Darning needle or Braidkin for sewing in loose ends.


25 stitches in 2 x 2 ribbing over 5 inches— 5 sts/inch.


Cast on 80 stitches.

The entire cap is knitted in 2 x 2 ribbing; i.e., K2, P2. In pattern, complete first round, ensuring that stitches are not twisted.

COUNT ROUNDS! Complete 38 rounds. IMPORTANT! To make decreasing consistent, on Round 38, increase ONE stitch in any knit stitch, so the total should be 81 stitches.

Begin decreasing:

Row 39: Staying in pattern, *complete 7 sts, K2tog, repeat from *

Row 40: Staying in pattern, *complete 6 sts, k2 tog, repeat from *

Row 41: Staying in pattern, *complete 5 sts, k2 tog, repeat from *

NOTE: At this point, the reduced number of stitches may make working on the circular needle difficult. Transfer stitches to the dpn’s and carry on as though you were still working with the circular needle.

Row 42: Staying in pattern, *complete 4 sts, k2 tog, repeat from *

Row 43: Staying in pattern, *complete 3 sts, k2 tog, repeat from *

Row 44: Staying in pattern, *complete 2 sts, k2 tog, repeat from *

Row 45: *K2tog, repeat from *

Row 46: KNIT (no purling) one round.

Leaving tail, cut yarn and thread through darning needle. Run needle and yarn through all remaining stitches (don’t miss any!) and pull tight. Run needle through the “donut” inside of beanie. Darn in all ends.

This pattern devised by Mark Thrailkill, London, 2004. [email protected]

Feel free to distribute it, copy it, profit from it, learn from it, discard it, and/or share it. Pah! on copyrights that keep loved ones warm!

Notes, 26Dec 07, Boxing Day, London–>I developed this pattern in response to the many kind people who wrote and requested a pattern that was slightly bigger, less snug, than the London Beanie. is THE Official Site where my two patterns (and any more which I might develop) call home. Because of the Pattern’s Popularity, they are all over the Net, but it will be THESE which I maintain and keep track of.