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Garter Stitch Placemat With Darning

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Garter stitch knit plaid placemats
Note: This pattern uses old UK needle sizes


Coats Mercer-Crochet #10 (20 gm) 1 ball each of White and 623 (Spring Green).
5 skeins Clark’s Anchor Soft Embroidery 499 (Grass Green) or any other contrasting colour.
1 pair Needles No. 12. (2.75mm)
Milwards ‘Gold Seal’ Tapestry Needle No. 19.


8 sts = 1 inch


12″ X 14 3/4″ (not including fringe).


With White, cast on 99 sts.

1st to 8th Row: K. Drop White and join on Spring Green.

9th to 16th Row: K. Drop Spring Green and pick up White.

Repeat 1st to 16th row 8 times more then 1st to 8th row once more. Break off thread leaving about 1 yd for casting off.

* Cast off 3 sts, pull length of thread through st on right hand needle, drop next st, leave an inch of thread; repeat from * to end of row, ending with cast off last 4 sts. Fasten off.

With 2 threads of Soft Embroidery work 3 rows of darning over threads where stitches were dropped, leaving 1″ free at ends to form fringe.

Closeup of the knit stitch

Damp and press.

Updated digital version of this pattern is Copyright Sarah Bradberry 2006. All rights reserved.

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