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Ladies Outing Sweater

Ladies outing sweater from 1918

From How to Knit, 1918, Dr. D. Jayne & Son, Philadelphia

Many sweaters from this era feature this interesting construction: knit all in one piece, from the back bottom hem to the front bottom hem.


For 38 or 40 bust


5 hanks worsted knitting yarn
2 balls white Angora wool
2 bone knitting needles 14-inch No. 8
2 bone knitting needles 10-inch No. 3
2 buttons

Note: 2 rows of garter stitch form a rib.


Cast on 90 stitches, knit plain for 50 ribs, then knit 3, purl 3 for 54 rows, now knit 11 ribs plain, increase 1 stitch at each end every other row until there are 102 stitches on needle, now start to cast on at each end the stitches for the sleeves, always working one row plain after each increase, first 20 stitches, then 15 stitches, then twice 10 stitches, having added 55 stitches for each sleeve, knit plain until there are 24 ribs at the wrist, slip the first 95 stitches off on an extra needle, bind off 22 stitches for the neck, and on the remaining 95 stitches start front.

Knit 5 ribs for shoulder, then cast on 16 stitches toward the front, knit 19 ribs on this length, then start to bind off for the sleeve as follows: first 10 stitches, then 10 again, then 15, then 20, now decrease 1 stitch every other row toward the underarm until 51 stitches remain, knit 5 ribs on this length, slip off on an extra needle, work second front to correspond, slip all the stitches onto one needle, work 6 ribs on the entire length, then knit 3, purl 3 for 54 rows, knit 50 ribs plain, bind off.

With No. 3 needle pick up 48 stitches at end of sleeve, knit 3, purl 3 for 4 inches, bind off. Sew up sleeve and underarm.

With No. 8 needles and Angora wool pick up the stitches from shoulder to shoulder, decrease 1 stitch at each end every row until 3 stitches remain, bind off; now pick up the stitches all around the neck, knit 4 inches, bind off.


Sew on buttons and crochet a cord long enough to form 2 loops, fasten over buttons.