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Bloc Ribbed Sleeveless Pullover

Men's sleeveless pullover with garter stitch ribbed patterning


8 Skeins (1 oz) Lincoln Mills Triple Twist “Daphne” Wool
1 pair UK No 9/3.75mm/US 5 knitting needles.
1 set of 4 UK No 10/3.25mm/US 3 needles (double pointed).


To fit 38 inch chest. Length from shoulder, 22 inches.


13 sts and 15 rows to 2 inches.



Using No. 10 needles, cast on 114 sts.

Work in K1, P1, ribbing for 3 inches.

Change to No. 9 needles and commence pattern.

1st Row: (K3, P3) to end of row. (Wrong side.)

2nd Row: Knit.

Repeat these 2 rows twice more.

7th Row: (P3, K3) to end of row.

8th Row: Knit.

Repeat from 1st row until work measures 14 inches from cast on edge, ending on wrong side.

Armhole Shaping

Cast off 5 sts at beginning of next 2 rows, then 3 sts from next 2 rows.

Keeping he continuity of pattern, decrease 1 st at beginning and end of every alternate row until there are 86 sts.

Proceed without further shaping until work measures 22 inches.

Shoulder Shaping

Cast off 9 sts. from beginning of next 6 rows. Place remaining 32 sts on holder.


Work as for Back, completing the first 4 rows of armhole shaping.

Neck Shaping

K2tog, pattern 45, K2tog, turn, and work on these sts, decreasing 1 stitch at armhole edge of next 6 alternate rows,
decreasing at neck edge on every 4th row until 27 sts remain.

When work measures 22 inches, shape shoulder from armhole edge by casting off 9 sts on next 3 alternate rows.

Join wool to sts at neck edge, working to correspond with side already worked.

Neck Ribbing

Join shoulder seams.

Using set of 4 No. 10 needles and commencing at back right shoulder with 1st needle, knit across sts at back of neck, increasing in every 4th st to 41 sts.

2nd Needle Knit up 78 sts along side of neck.

3rd Needle Knit up 78 sts up other side of neck.

Work 1 round in K1, P1, ribbing, ending 2nd needle with K1 and commencing 3rd needle with K1. These 2 knit sts form centre of V neck.

Work 8 rounds more in K1, P1, ribbing, decreasing at neck V on every round thus:

Work to last 2 sts on 2nd needle, K2tog.

3rd Needle Slip 1, P1, pass slip stitch over. Continue to decrease in this manner. Cast off in rib.

Armhole Ribbing

Using the 2 No. 10 knitting needles, knit up 136 sts for armhole.

Work 10 rows in K1, P1, ribbing. Cast off in rib.

To Make Up

Press with a warm iron and damp cloth.
Sew together with flat seams.

The original publication of this pattern is in the public domain, however this updated digital version is copyright Sarah Bradberry, July 17th 2012. All rights reserved.