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Celtic Triskele Knitting Charts

These six designs are another good example of the transition a single pattern can go through (see also the Set of Matching Fairisle Patterns).

I began with a single triskele (celtic spiral design) in two colours, then I added more colours in the second variation in the fairisle tradition to make the design more suitable for hand knitting.

In the third example I coloured the arms of the spiral in different shades of pink for machine knitting. I then mirrored the spiral in different directions (example 4), added detail in the large areas of single colour (example 5), and finally re coloured sections of the design to remove any striped effects that example 5 gives (example 6).

The small images on the left show what several repeats of each design will look like, while the charts represent a single repeat of each pattern.

example 1
Example one chart
sample 2
sample 2 graph
sample 3
sample 3 chart
sample 4
sample 4 chart
sample 5
sample 5 chart
sample 6
sample 6 chart

Copyright © August 1996 Sarah Bradberry