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Garter St Entrelac Afghan

Garter St Entrelac Afghan
I really like the entrelac technique so I thought it would be fun to design an entrelac afghan pattern. You can make it all in one colour, or every square different if you wish.


The materials you will need will depend on the thickness of the yarn you choose to use and the size of your finished afghan.

I used 8 ply (dk) yarn and 4mm needles for my test swatch which produced a nice fabric.


K = knit

P = purl

st(s) = stitches

PU = Pick up

P2tog = Purl tow together

SSK = Slip slip knit. Slip one st, slip another, then return both sts to the left hand needle in their new twisted state and knit the 2 together.

Test Swatch


Cast on 66 sts (22 sts for each entrelac diamond)

1st row: K10, SSK, turn

2nd row: K11, turn

Rep last two rows 10 times more, K11.

Repeat twice more. This completes the first row of entrelacs. You should now have 3 entrelac diamonds on your needle, with a total of 33 live sts.


Change colours now if you wish the second row of entrelacs to be a different colour

The next row of entrelacs are works all in purl knitting. If you are like me and your purl stitches tend to be much looser than your knit stitches, now is a good time to go down one or two needle sizes.

First we will work a triangle at the end of the row.

1st row: (wrong side facing) P1, turn

2nd row: Inc in this st, turn

3rd row: P1, P2tog, turn

4th row: Inc in first st, P1, turn

5th row: P2, P2tog, turn

6th row: P1, inc in next st, P1, turn

7th row: P3, P2tog, turn

8th row: P2, inc in next st, P1 turn

9th row: P4, P2tog, turn

10th row: P3, inc in next st, P1 turn

11th row: P5, P2tog, turn

12th row: P4, inc in next st, P1 turn

Cont in this manner until you have 11 sts on your right hand needle

We will now work the first full entrelac diamond for this row.

Pick up 11 sts purlways along the edge of the next entrelac, turn

2nd row: Purl 11, turn

3rd row: P10, p2tog, turn

4th row: P11, turn

Repeat 3rd and 4th rows 9 times more, then 3rd row once

This completes the first entrelac. Repeat once more for the second full entrelac diamond, then we will work the end triangle.

PU 11 sts purlways, turn

1st row: P11, turn

2nd row: P9, p2tog, turn

3rd row: P10, turn

4th row: P8, p2tog, turn

5th row: P9, turn

6th row: P7, p2tog, turn

7th row: P8, turn

8th row: P6, p2tog, turn

9th row: P7, turn

10th row: P5, p2tog, turn

11th row: P6, turn

12th row: P4, p2tog, turn

13th row: P5, turn

14th row: P3, p2tog, turn

15th row: P4, turn

16th row: P2, p2tog, turn

17th row: P3, turn

18th row: P1, p2tog, turn

19th row: P2, turn

20th row: P2tog

Fasten off

Turn, change colours if desired

Join yarn and pick up 11 sts knitways along edge of triangle just worked, turn, K11

Work to coincide with the first row of knit entrelacs (not the purl row just worked).

Repeat the two rows of entrelacs until desired length, ending with a row of knit entrelacs. On the last row cast off each entrelac as it is worked.


Using your swatch as a guide, work out how many entrelac diamonds wide you wish your afghan to be.

Cast on 22 sts for each square and work as for swatch.

Making Up

Sew in all loose ends. Press according to your yarn label

Copyright © Sarah Bradberry August 1997. All rights reserved.