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Knitted Eggs



Using the Barbie knitter (or 17 needles on the ISM) knit 16 rows and
draw up the bottom end. Place a plastic egg inside and draw up the top
end, using separate strand of yarn to gather. Instant gorgeous egg. I
used pretty pastel ombres and got beautiful striped eggs. If you leave
some tails on the top when you draw it up, you can hang them from a tree
outside or branch inside on the table. (And this is a perfect size for
the kids in Health class who have to take care of a “baby egg” for a week.
Put the top end on a long “necklace” drawstring. The perfect egg pack,
just hang around your neck.)

Also if you knit just 10 rows in green or straw and let it curl, it will
make a perfect nest for this egg. You could graft or st the ends together
or just leave them alone since they are just sitting as a decoration and
then you can unravel and reuse the yarn later.

So far I’ve done another with a bead tassel on one end that hangs down
when hung up, or it can be stood on the table upside down and the tassel
falls down from the top like “hair”. The drawstring top on this slightly
longer one (20 rows – the gather is 3 rows down from the top leaving a
ruffle) can be loosened and allowed to roll back a little and it makes
a stand to hold the egg up. About 16 rows makes a nice egg cosy with a
small pompom on top.

Image and pattern Copyright Ann Yotter, all rights reserved.