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Joining Granny Circles to Make Squares

granny circle join - squares

The Granny Square Join

You can use the tails of your granny circle to sew them together.

Thread a blunt sewing needle with one tail and take it through one side of the granny circle and out through the edge, bringing it out between the stitches you want to sew. The thread won’t show and your article will be reversible. If there isn’t enough tail use a piece of matching yarn.

When you finish sewing use another locking stitch so that the stitches won’t come out.

To make squares, sew 8 stitches on one circle to 8 stitches on another and pull them into a straight line. Follow your patterns to add more circles, joining 8 stitches to 8 stitches each time, as in the diagram.

When you need to make 4 circles form a corner, simply pick up a stitch in each of the three circles coming into the corner and pull the thread to fill the hole (see diagram). Holes that do appear can be filled with a stitch or two of spare yarn.

Text and images are derived from the Harben House manual, unknown date, no copyright stated. All reasonable lengths to find the copyrighted owner and gain official permission were exhausted. Edited text and images copyright
Sarah Bradberry 1999.