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Joining Granny Circles With Crochet: Granny Crochet A

granny circle edging

To begin, anchor your granny circle securely and cut off both loose ends, close to your circle.

Start with a slip knot on your crochet hook.

Single crochet (UK double crochet), yarn to granny circle. Crochet 7 chain, leave 4sts on your circle, single crochet between fourth and fifth stitch. The result is a 7 chain scallop.

Chain another 7sts, leave 4 stitches on the circle, work another single crochet. Repeat around the circle, working 7 ch and slip stitching to the first single crochet to finish off. You will have 8 scallops around your circle.

Cut your yarn 2″ from the end, thread through the stitch and pull tight to fasten off.

To join scalloped circles:

granny circle diagram for joining motifs

You will be joining 2 scallops of circle 1 to 2 scallops of circle 2, as shown in the diagram above.

Start as you did with circle 1 – Single crochet, crochet 7 chain stitches, leave 4 sts on the circle, single crochet again, until you have completed 2 scallops of 7 chains each.

Next, crochet 3 chain stitches, slip stitch into the 4th chain stitch of any scallop on circle 1. Crochet 3 chain sts, leave 4sts on circle 2, work a single crochet. One scallop is now attached.

Crochet 3 chain sts, slip stitch into the 4th chain of the next scallop on circle 1, crochet 3 chain sts, leave 4 sts on circle 2 and work a single crochet.

Two scallops from circles 1 and 2 are now joined.

Continue around circle 2, making scallops of 7 chain stitches around. FInish as for circle 1.

Join the rest of your granny circles in the same manner, joining them to the following circles as shown in the diagram.

Text and images are derived from the Harben House manual, unknown date, no copyright stated. All reasonable lengths to find the copyrighted owner and gain official permission were exhausted. Edited text and images copyright Sarah Bradberry 2004.