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And So To Sew 9a – Leisure and Sportswear

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And So To Sew 9a - cover

Leaflet 9a in the Needlework Development Scheme’s series “And So To Sew” includes techniques used when sewing leisure and sportswear from commercial patterns.

  • Matching checked fabrics
  • Inverted pleats
  • Finishing seams with binding
  • Simple plackets (reinforcing a placket formed in a seam before adding hooks and eyes)
  • Attaching a petersham waist band
  • Hem finish with Paris binding
  • Placket with extension
  • Arrowhead tacks
  • Fastening off threads when machine stitching

 Download “And So To Sew” bulletin 9a

Modern Tutorials

Since we don’t all have a home ec teacher to help with any questions we might have, I’m adding modern video and photo tutorials for each technique wherever possible.

Pattern Matching Fabrics Playlist by Made to Sew

Forming Inverted Pleats by Colleen G Lea

Finishing Seams with Binding aka the Hong Kong Finish by FABRICate

When ironing your finished seam open, be gentle so as not to create a line where the seam allowance sits. I use the tip of my iron to iron the seam only so as not to leave a line.

Attaching a Petersham (Grossgrain) Waist-band by Sunni Standing

Hem Finish with Paris Binding by Sew HoneyBea

This video uses lace hemming tape, but you can also use bias hemming tape.

Placket with Extension

Hidden placket opening tutorial from

Arrowhead Tacks

Arrowhead tack tutorial from Colette

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