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And So To Sew 28a – Aids to Sewing

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And So To Sew bulletin 28a by The Needlework Development Scheme

Leaflet 28a is the final bulletin in the Needlework Development Scheme’s series “And So To Sew”. It takes us through a bit of a history lesson with modern aids to sewing of the 1950’s. To today’s sewers most of these “new aids to sewing” are vintage novelties, or in the case of the swing needle sewing machine and stitch ripper, very common items we take for granted.

Even though they’re not common items today, I treasure my 1950’s dressmaker guides and use them often. I even have one with a little duck shape in case I suddenly need to embroider a tiny duck on something 😉

 Download “And So To Sew” bulletin 28a

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