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Anchor Embroidery Stitches, First Series

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Anchor Embroidery Stitches Series 1

This little booklet was given away by Clarke & Co sometime during the 50’s or 60’s.

Anchor Embroidery Stitches, First Series shows you how to work the following stitches:

  1. Varieties of running stitch (whipped and threaded or laced)
  2. Tent stitch
  3. Cross stitch
  4. Herringbone stitch
  5. Chain stitch
  6. Chequered chain (aka magic chain)
  7. Double back stitch and closed herringbone stitch
  8. Back stitch
  9. Pekinese stitch
  10. Stem stitch
  11. Hem stitch
  12. Blanket and buttonhole stitch
  13. Roumanian stitch
  14. Fly stitch
  15. Open Roumanian stitch
  16. Couching
  17. Needleweaving
  18. Chevron stitch
  19. Straight Stitch
  20. Holbein stitch
  21. French Knots
  22. Coral stitch
  23. Satin stitch
  24. Twisted chain stitch
  25. Rosette chain stitch
  26. Cretan stitch
  27. Flat stitch and
  28. Bullion stitch

 Download “Anchor Embroidery Stitches, First Series”

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