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Sewing Needle Case

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Open sewing needle books

Closed sewing needle books

My vintage needle book went into a well earned retirement, so I decided I had to make a new one. These are very quick to make from fabric scraps and you can have fun embroidering the outside to make each one unique! I had so much fun making mine that I made a second one for my daughter.



One 24 x 16cm rectangle of each of the following:

  • outer fabric
  • iron on interfacing (I used a heavy weight interfacing that I use for making bags)
  • thick wadding (or several layers of thin wadding if that’s all you have)
  • lining fabric
  • 8cm length of 5mm ribbon
  • 1 button

1: Iron the interfacing onto the wrong side of you outer fabric

Fabric and batting

2: Layer the fabrics in this order:

  • Outer fabric
  • Lining fabric (with right sides facing each other)
  • Wadding (on the top)

Stitch all the way around using a 1.5cm seam allowance, leaving an opening on the side that will be the back of your needle book when closed.

3: Clip the corners and trim away half of the wadding from the seam allowances.

Fabric pieces sewn on three sides

4: Turn right side out. Make sure to pull the corners out completely.

5: Make a loop from the ribbon and insert it into the centre of the portion side you left unstitched. Pin in place and hand stitch closed.

Opening pinned closed with a ribbon loop inserted

6: Top stitch all the way around, about 1-1.5cm from the edge.

7: Stitch a line down the middle of your needle book as a fold-line for closing it.

Line stitched down the center of the sewing needle book

8: Sew a button opposite the ribbon loop and you’re done!

Finished sewing needle book

Copyright Sarah Bradberry 2006. All rights reserved.

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