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Felt Appliqué Bouquet

Felt flower design from the 1930s


You will need: the pattern (the pdf includes a full size pattern to have printed at a specialty printer, or a small pattern you can enlarge yourself), backing fabric, wool felt in various colours, heatnbond iron on adhesive, 1″ wide ribbon and coloured embroidery threads.

1: Iron the design onto your fabric. I trace the image on the back of the printout using an iron-on pencil and iron it onto my fabric.

2: Embroider the stems. Cut 1″ ribbon to size and apply to picture using the heatnbond.

3: Cut the appropriate number of squares and leaf shapes from green felt and apply to the picture with heatnbond. Embroider the leaves.

4: Cut the flower shapes from your choice of colours (my graphic is just an example), apply with heatnbond, and embroider in your choice of colours.

Copyright Sarah Bradberry December 2006. All rights reserved.