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WWII US Victory Kittens

Uncle Sam wants you. WW2 embroidery design
Victory Tea Towels Design Notes

Stamp designs on end or in corner of tea towels. Embroider fur in brown or black single stitch. Eyes black or amber. Words red and blue or other desired bright colors. Large “V” has one stripe of red and one of blue sating stitch or applique. Boat is brown; sailor hats white or blue; soldier hats khaki with black bills; sailor collar blue; fan, skirt and handkerchief red; sugar can black; shelf green; bowl and spoon black; teapot blue; pennies copper color; lunch pail black; hat blue striped; overalls solid blue applique; bicycle red with black tires.

To create iron on transfers print the designs, then trace the design on the back of your printout with an embroidery transfer pencil.

WW2 V is for victory cat embroidery designBe Suspicious. World war 2 embroidery design

Use sparingly cat, World War 2 embroidery pattern.

Ride a Bike. World War 2 embroidery design

Pennies for defense. WOrld War 2 embroidery patternWorld War 2, Keep em Flying cat embroidery pattern

Panholder Design Notes

Cut six pieces of white or unbleached material 6.5″ square for panholders. Stamp design diagonally on three of these pieces. Two with the word “Hip” and one with “Hooray”. Embroider to match tea towels. Flags are outlined in red (may be striped like American flag if desired) with black staff. Pad well, line and bind edges in red, white and blue (one of each) or use red, white and blue print. Attach loop at top corner.

Hip Hip cat. World War 2 embroidery patternHooray cat. World War 2 embroidery pattern.

Download the World War 2 American Victory Kitten series of embroidery designs.

These designs are believed to be in the public domain, however the scanned and cleaned images are copyright Sarah Bradberry January 2007 (“V is for Victory” and “Uncle Sam Wants You”) and April 2009. All rights reserved.