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Fox-glove Cosy

Advance Australia filet crochet pattern.

crochet tea cozy with bobbled texture and pom-poms

Note: This pattern uses Australian/UK crochet terms.

Double crochet = US single crochet,  Treble = US double crochet etc.

This exquisite little cosy is ever so quickly crocheted, and is in treble-stitch throughout.

The original was worked with six rows of deep pink “fox-gloves” at lower edge five rows of paler pink in centre, and three rows of white at top. It is designed to cover a four-cup teapot; but a larger or smaller size may be obtained by adding (or subtracting) 6 chains for every inch


  • 1 skein each deep pink, paler pink and white 4-ply wool. (fingering weight)
  • Old UK Size No. 12 Inox or Stratnoid Hook.


Using deep pink wool ch. 38 sts.

(3 ch. Stands for 1st. treble throughout.)

1st Row: 1 treble into every chain. (38 treble) turn.

2nd row: (Work into front loop only of previous row); 1 treble into each of first 3 treble of previous row, * 5 treble into 5th treble, 1 ch, take up loop of first of 5 treble (just worked) 1 ch., 1 treble into each of next 3 treble *. Repeat from * to * to end of row, 2 ch., slip stitch into back loop of last stitch of previous row. Turn.

3rd Row: 1 treble into back loop of each treble along row.

4th Row: Same as 2nd row, making a raised flower (5 treble) in the second stitch of previous row.

5th Row: Same as 3rd row.

(There should be 9 flowers on 2nd row and 10 on the 4th row.) Repeat 2nd and 3rd rows in dark shade until there are 6 rows of “fox-gloves;” then work 5 rows in paler pink, and 3 rows in white; decreasing in the last 2 rows to first 8 flowers, then 7.

Work two sides in this way, then join (leaving openings for spout and handles.)

Work loosely all round top as follows: 1 treble, 1 chain, *(1 treble, 1 double treble, 2 triple treble, 1 double treble, 1 treble) all in one hole, 1 double crochet in next hole, repeat from * all around.

Then using mid shade, work 3 chain, 1 double all round.

Make a chain using last two shades of wool together, and finish with two tassels after threading through the holes. Stretch the top edge with fingers to obtain fluted edge.

This pattern is in the public domain. Digital version copyright © Sarah Bradberry 2002.  Kindly transcribed for by Caroline Laudig.