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Picot Trellis Stitch Bookmark in Crochet


Image shows a swatch of the crochet st used

Materials: #10 crochet thread  C crochet hook (2.75mm)

(Note: tch means turning chain.)

Chain 17.

Row 1: 1 sc into 2nd ch from hook, * ch 5, skip 4 ch, 1 sc into next ch; rep from * to end, turn.

Row 2: * ch 5, work a picot of (1 sc, ch 3, 1 sc) into 3rd ch of next ch 5 arch; rep from * ending ch 2, 1 dc into last sc, skip tch, turn.

Row 3: ch 1, 1 sc into first st, * ch 5, skip picot, picot into 3rd ch of next ch 5 arch; rep from * ending ch 5, skip picot, 1 sc into tch arch, turn.

Rep rows 2 & 3 until desired length. Weave in ends. you can add tassels or embellishments. Your choice. <ggg>

Wet, impale on a drying board with pins until dry. Inflict on victim. <vbeg>

This pattern is Copyright © 1998 by Debra
all rights reserved. Image copyright Sarah Bradberry 1999, all rights

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