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Smart Cushion Cover in Crochet from 1939

Advance Australia filet crochet pattern.

Crochet cushion in mid century modern design

Note: This pattern uses Australian/UK crochet terms. Double crochet = US single crochet, Treble = US double crochet etc.


  • 1 lb. Wildflower Sports Wool – The original was worked with:
  • 5 ozs. dark brown (shade 8475),
  • 3 ozs. each Fawn (shade 621) and Tangerine (shade 624),
  • 2 ozs. each Yellow (shade 40061) and Green (shade 4381) and
  • 1 oz. Blue (shade 02302).
  • Old UK Size No. 9 “Inox” Crochet Hook,
  • A Cushion Pad


18 inches x 18 inches.


ch = Chain;
tr = treble;


Work at a tension to produce 5 treble to the inch in width and ¾ inch in height – the correct size will only be obtained by exactly following this instruction!

When working this pattern the colour in use is worked over all the colours not in use, it is also necessary to draw the next colour to be used through to form the loop of the last treble of colour just used.


The First Side:

Using the dark brown wool, make 93 ch.
Begin working the chart in treble stitch (US double crochet), starting at the bottom right hand side.
Odd numbered rows are worked from right to left, even numbered rows are worked from left to right.
The first square of every row represents the 3 turning chain.

colour chart for crochet cushion

To Make Up the Cushion

With a damp cloth and hot iron press carefully. Sew the two halves together, leaving one side open, insert cushion pad and sew up side. Using eight strands of dark brown Wool, make a twisted cord 2½ yards long. Sew cord evenly round cushion, leaving 4 inches (at both ends of cord) at one corner, make a tassel 4 inches long and attach to both ends of cord, finishing with two flat loops.

This pattern is in the public domain. This digital version is © Sarah Bradberry 2002. Kindly transcribed for by Sharon E. Dubois