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Unusual Hexagon-Shaped Cushion in Crochet

Hexagonal crochet cushion cover with stripes and a tassel in the centre


DC = double crochet

ch = chain


This pattern is written in UK crochet terms throughout. UK double crochet = US single crochet, UK treble = US double crochet, etc.

So very simple is this cushion cover to crochet that any amateur may set to work without hesitation.

It is worked in 3 or 4-ply wool, in about five shades merging from dark to light. If desired, oddments of wool may be used. Note: This yarn is equivalent to modern 8 ply or dk weight yarn.

In the original cushion two rounds were worked in each color, and the edge finished with about twelve rounds of the darkest shade used to form a band one and three-quarter inches wide.

A pretty finish for a hexagon shape is a long tassel (about 5 inches). This may be sewn to the centre or to one of the comers as preferred. The original tassel was multi-colored.

Note: This pattern is written entirely in UK crochet terms. UK double crochet = us single crochet; UK treble = US double crochet and so on.

Commence with 6 ch. and join in ring.

1st. Round: 12 DC into ring.

From now on the hook is inserted right under the chain formed by the double crochet in each previous round.

2nd Round: * 2 DC into 1st DC, 1 DC into next DC *. Repeat from * to * 5 times. 18 (DC).

3rd Round: * (1 DC, 2 ch, 1 DC) between 2 DC of previous round, 1 DC under next ch, 1 DC under next ch. *. Repeat from * to * 5 times. (24 DC).

4th Round: * (1 DC, 2 ch, 1 DC ) under 2 ch which form hexagon corner, 1 DC under 1st, 2nd, and 3rd ch. *. Repeat from * to * 5 times.

5th Round: * (1 DC, 2 ch, 1 DC) under 2 ch which form hexagon corner, 1 DC under 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th ch * Repeat from * to * 5 times.

Continue in this manner throughout; i.e. Increasing 1 stitch in each of six sections of hexagon and working groups of (1 DC, 2 ch, 1 DC) into each corner.

The original cushion measured 21 inches in diameter.

If desired another side may be worked to correspond and the two connected with a straight band of DC about 3 inches wide. This is commenced with 15 ch and continued until sufficiently long, and using 1 ch. stitch to stand for 1st double crochet in each row.

Prepare a well filled cushion pad in same shape as crochet.

The original version of this pattern is in the public domain, however this digital version is copyright Sarah Bradberry, May 17th 2012. All rights reserved.