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Vandyke Afghan and Cushion in Crochet

Advance Australia filet crochet pattern.

ripple stitch blanket and cushion

Note: This pattern uses Australian/UK crochet terms. Double crochet = US single crochet, Treble = US double crochet etc. Keep this in mind when working the pattern.

Ample scope for individual blending of colour is offered by this striking afghan, as each of the five rows is in a different colour, graduating from very dark to very light. For a striking effect, work 1st row black, 2nd row vivid red, 3rd row vivid green, 4th row burnt orange, 5th row lemon. The colours are continued throughout in this order, until the work is the required size. The vandykes each have 28 trebles (14 on upward grade and 14 on downward), and the vandykes should measure each about 5 inches across. It can be seen that the size of the work may be gauged on this. Four vandykes would make a medium-sized cushion – twelve a useful afghan.

It is scarcely possible to give the exact amount of wool required, as individual workers will use more or less wool, according to the tension of their crochet. An average estimate is as follows:-

  • 1 oz. of each color for cushion – total 5 ozs. 4-ply (note: Australian 4 ply is fingering weight)
  • 3 ozs. of each for afghan – 15 ozs. 4-ply.


To work the vandykes:

Make the required length of chain; turn.

3 ch. stands for first tr. in next and every following row.

1st Row: *1 tr. into each of 13 ch., (1 tr., 2 ch., 1 tr.) into 14 ch., 1 tr. in each of 13 ch., miss 2 ch., and repeat from * to end of row.

Break off wool, and join in the second colour.

2nd Row: Slip-stitch to 2nd tr. of previous row, and work * 1 tr. into each of 13 tr. of previous row (working right through the top of the stitch); then work (1 tr., 1 ch., 1 tr.) into centre of group of previous row, 13 tr. into next 13 tr., miss 2 tr., and repeat from * to end of row.

Break off, and join in third colour.

The 2nd row is repeated throughout, changing the colours of the wool for each row.

When the work is completed, finish each end with a woolen fringe, made as follows:-

Cut lengths of the wool, in any shade or in some of all shades, about 12 inches long, or double the length of required fringe. Take 8 strands and double over; pass the loop end through the end of the work, then pass the fringe end through the loop and secure. Work in this manner at regular intervals along the end of the cushion or
afghan, taking care to pass the loop end through the same side of the work each item.

To make the fringe quite secure, work a row of knots as follows:-

Take 8 strands from the 1st knot and knot about 1 inch from the first row. Then take the remaining 8 strands of 1st knot and knot together with 8 strands from the 2nd knot. Continue knotting 8 strands with 8 strands of the following knot until the fringe is completed, knotting the last 8 strands by themselves.

This pattern is in the public domain. This digital version is © Sarah Bradberry 2002. Kindly transcribed for by Kim Whitley