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Tag: kitchenaid

The Luck of the Irish

Well, historically speaking I am half Irish so I guess you could say that 🙂

Anyone who knows me in person or watches my videos will know that I’m allergic to paying full price for anything unless I have to. I also won’t buy things unless I can justify the cost, so I had resigned myself to never owning some things that I class as pure extravagance. Like a Kitchenaid mixer.

Well apparently there’s some sort of cosmic force out there that decided it was time I owned one.

For the rather random price of $152.75, I came home with one of these from our local auctions. Not only brand new but perfect. RRP in Australia: $799


If that wasn’t good enough, the following week this came home with me for $11.75. A Kitchenaid hand blender, retail $129. Also perfect.


I’m wondering what’s going to turn up this week 🙂 I do need a good food processor…